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It has only been 4 months since the first time I took my 8 year old to see Annick. He is a precious boy, but so very trapped in his autism. When he became aggressive to others and himself, I took him to Annick. After the first visit he became calmer, able to stop the explosions in his head wich made him lash out. He is hypersensitive to noise, lights, touch,.. At school his desk is hidden between a wall and 3 cupboards. Some days he needs to put on a headset because he cannot cope with the noise of the 6 other pupils working (not playing, not shouting, just writing) Yesterday he asked if he could join his elder sister for zumba class. We could not believe what he was asking, but HE DID IT and he LOVED IT!!!! 4 MONTHS and 3 visits to Annick, that is all it took to turn my locked in little boy into a chatterbox, who likes to get a hug and does zumba. This is as close as you can get to a miracle.
We hebben samen gezocht naar emotionele blokkades waardoor ik meer inzicht kreeg in mijn problemen. Je bent een ontzettend goede trainer, je hebt heel veel kennis en dan nog de gave om het over te brengen.
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