Annick Lentacker

Experienced HSP Practitioner


Quotes Zo een Flow test is echt een aanrader, ik was stomverbaasd, gewoon doen! Tegen het einde van de test snap je het wel:) Quotes
Els F

Quotes Annick is een bijzondere vrouw en een super-coach. Ze begrijpt. Ze confronteert en schudt je wakker, met een flinke dosis humor. Ze relativeert. Ze brengt je net tot aan het punt dat je zelf het roer weer kan overnemen. Ze laat je pas gaan wanneer je weer lacht en de hele wereld aan kan. Goele Quotes

Quotes Annick is a very warm woman. Not only she's a kind person, but she has the good of others in mind. She really cares about people and that's what makes her special and different from other people who offer the services Annick offers. I recommend Annick and Tremellin highly since her business is like her. Try it and experience the difference. Kind regards, Jean Loyens. Quotes
Jean Loyens

Quotes Annick helped me enormously in the final stages of my golf project. Her tireless help contributed greatly towards the ultimate success of the project and ultimately the creation of the number one selling golf book in the UK - "Dream On - One hackers challenge to break par" Quotes
John Richardson

Quotes Annick is one of the most caring & inspirational leaders that I have the pleasure of calling a friend. Annick always under-promises and over-delivers and her Love and Integrity sparkles with such intensity, encouraging everyone around her to STEP UP. Quotes
Mike Berry